"Hermes" is your reliable Cardano stakepool located in Germany. With our professionally hosted server infrastructure we guarantee a high level of security and constant flow of staking rewards for our delegators. We guarantee 99,6% availability of the server throughout the year. We aim to only cover our expenses by the current fee structure.

Ticker: HRMS
Stakepool-ID: e577ac3d46233ce3c2b0bfd5e351a5689c476e1a2b54d020c734e55ca223c41c

Rewards Fixed: 0 ₳
Rewards Percentage: 5%
Rewards Cap: 10.000 ₳


Ticker: HRMA
Stakepool-ID: 262fc724243197cc4584bbb61db80f2778af0262143568b7253c7db63424cf29

Rewards Fixed: 0 ₳
Rewards Percentage: 4%
Rewards Cap: 10.000 ₳

Server Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Server specs:
Dedicated 6-core, 32Gb, 1Gbit uplink with a 99,99% availability

Additionally we are running a private passive node for bootstrapping and share a second one with our friends at #MONKY pool


18/12/2019 // We released a tutorial on how to stake with the new Yoroi Chrome extension - Happy reading!

26/03/2020 // We are proud to announce we are part of the ISPPA. More details to follow, in the meantime find the basic information here: https://isppa.info/

15/03/2020 // Since they first joined the Cardano network our pools have both created more than 1k blocks and distributed over 1mio ADA in rewards to our delegators! This is just the beginning...

20/02/2020 // Both pools have been running stable on the latest Jormungandr release 0.8.11. We are happy with the latest update and looking forward to the upcoming releases!

18/02/2020 // We just published an article about the new possibility for a pool operator to change its fee structure on the fly and our concerns about it! Read it here

17/02/2020 // We ended all of the last 5 epochs with a 100% block production performance! Still far from saturation and happy to serve more delegators on both pools!

27/01/2020 // If you are experiencing sync issues with the network using Daedalus swapping the trusted peers for working ones might be a solution. Here is a short tutorial how to make that work: Read Daedalus tutorial

23/01/2020 // Tonight the latest Jormungandr release 0.8.7 was made available by IOHK. We installed it right away on our testing node to see how it performs. Once confirmed it's stable and brings the desired optimiszations we will roll it out to our productive nodes!

17/01/2020 // Epoche 34 was the most successful one for Hermes and its delegators! We created a total of 64 blocks with #HRMS and #HRMA on the Cardano network. Both pools are performing nicely and stay safely below saturation! We are happy to serve you...

13/01/2020 // We just published an article to properly understand the fee metrics for stakepool and why we think a 5% / 4% tax is beneficial for both, delegators and operators! Read it here

12/01/2020 // We are happy to see Hermina (#HRMA) created it's first 6 blocks tonight, with 2 more scheduled until end of the epoche! Slowly climbing the ranks in Daedalus! Thanks a lot for your trust, onwards and upwards!

10/01/2020 // As our main pool is approaching saturation with nearly 90mio staked we decided to open up a second pool. Please say hello to "Hermina" - our little sister! She is running by the pool ticker #HRMA and is looking forward to your delegations!

08/01/2020 // In epoche 25 we created a total of 26 blocks which is the highest amount ever created by our pool since we started! Thanks a lot for your trust in #HRMS This is only the beginning...

06/01/2020 // Our pool reached its highest ever live stake. We are grateful for all your trust and looking forward to a bright future together!

06/01/2020 // There are currently some pools trying to get an unfair advantage over the others by running multiple nodes with the identical keys. This causes unhealthy forking issues on the network and can be considered an attack on the network! The the website below if your pool is a bad actor and consider redegeleting your stake: Blacklist

05/01/2020 // We crossed a live stake of 20mio ADA for the first time since launching our stakepool. Grateful for all the trust our delegators put into Hermespool and proud to serve you! Onward and upward - 70mio left until saturation!

03/01/2020 // We just finished migrating our stakepool to a much more powerful dedicated server located in Düsseldorf, Germany. We are now running on a dedicated 6-core, 32Gb machine with a 1Gbit uplink. The stats from the 1st 24h hours show promising results with 100% blocks created (4 out of 4) during the first night of operation! We will continue running the old node in passive mode for failover and bootstraping.

30/12/2019 // It seems like we got sniped some blocks by other pools during the night due to a slight time drift on our machine. We installed time synchronisation through chrony now which should hopefully solve this issue!

28/12/2019 // In the last epoche (13) we paid out 5.5k ada to our delegators which is a new record! This means for 1 ada staked with HRMS you will get 0,00049 ada in return per day!

23/12/2019 // We are sharing our current live block stats on PoolTool now. So you can easily check on the landing page how HRMS is doing!

23/12/2019 // We finished Epoche 8 with 100% block performance. We are now ranked under the Top 50 pools in Daedalus!

20/12/2019 // A small step for Cardano, a giant leap for our pool! We just created our very first block on the incentivised testnet!

18/12/2019 // We released a tutorial on how to stake with the new Yoroi Chrome extension - Happy reading!

18/12/2019 // The Yoroi Chrome extension (v2.1.2) for Shelley was released today. You can find it on here: Download

17/12/2019 // The daedalus rewards wallet was released and is available for staking to the pools in the incentivised testnet! Happy staking everybody!

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